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Other services provided by Inkhounds  
If you need specific images, we can help.  We work on special assignments.

Q: What types of images can Inkhounds provide?
A: Just about anything that doesn’t require renting aircraft or ocean liners. We also don’t sky dive or do naked photo shoots. But, Inkhounds can provide special order images.

Q: What are special order images?
A: We do specific photo shoots for:

          - Real estate (for listings or advertisement)
          - Articles
          - Jacket covers
          - Picture books, other books
          - Images for business brochures
          - Regional images
          - Corporate office décor  
          - Home décor needs
          - Special assignments

Q: How much do you charge for special services and assignments?
A: Every project is different, but we strive to keep our fees reasonable, because we want you to come back. Contact us for a quote regarding your project.

Q: Do you sell stock images?
A: Sure! Just give us a little hint about what you're looking for, and we'll search our database for images.